September 5, 2023

Arran Shah Urnayr (King of Caucasian Albania) and Sasanian Shahan Shah Shapur II in the Battle of Bagavan 371 CE

Arrān (Parthian: Ardan, Greek: Alvan, Latin: Albania, present-day Azerbaijan) 
šāh Urnayr and Sasanian šāhān šāh Šābuhr II in the Battle of Bagavan (Ms Berlin SBB, Or. quart. 805, fol 212r).

Arrān šāh Urnayr (350- 375 CE) was married to the daughter of Sasanian šāhān šāh Shapur II (309-379 CE).  


Mahir Khalifa-Zadeh, "Adurbadagan and Arran (Caucasian Albania) in the late Sasanian period", International Journal of History, 2023, Vol 5, Issue 2, pp 15-18

  • Mahir Khalifa-Zadeh and Katarzina Maksymuik, "Reforms of Sasanian king Khusro I and the northern bank of the Araxes – Arrān (Caucasus Albania)", 2023, Historia i Swiat, Nr 12, pp 167-172

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